The Horse

No other creature has been so inextricably entwined in man’s journey through civilisation as the noble horse. 

It has helped build our great nation and its generosity, toil and loyalty continues to inspire and help so many. 

The Horse is a subject of endless fascination to an unlimited and ageless audience.

Its role and contribution deserves to be widely cherished and celebrated.

The Horse Industry

The depth and diversity of the horse industry is as exciting as it is complex. It touches all levels of our community, providing many wonderful opportunities for people to be involved both socially and professionally.

Research and reports of the industry leave no doubt that the Australian horse industry makes a monumental contribution to our lives and our economy. However, its structure and purpose is as varied as it is vast. 

This gives it a unique identity that even most horse people are oblivious to and others find difficult to comprehend, appreciate or respect. 

This lack of understanding hampers the industry’s growth and development in many areas.

There are other crucial issues which are confronting the entire horse industry that are intricate and threatening. These require urgent attention and collaborative action.
We have developed a solution with a strategy that will address these issues, create more employment, business and sporting opportunities for people and a more vibrant, prosperous future for the industry.

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We are on a mission to raise awareness and appreciation of the roles that the horse has played in our past, that contribute to our society today and can play in the future, with ...
If we increase the PROFILE of The Horse and the Industry to raise awareness of its role and contribution to society, business, sport, recreation, tourism, employment and health …

we will increase PARTICIPATION, as the benefits and future opportunities in the industry encourage new entrants …

which will increase the level of PROFESSIONALISM, as greater numbers bring more skills, experience and qualifications to improve policies and practices …

we need to emphasise the importance of PREPAREDNESS for crisis management such as biosecurity threats and disasters which impact health and commerce …

and if we do all of the above, we will increase PROSPERITY for all concerned!

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